Digitilised Postural Assessment

At Dublin City Osteopath we use state of the art computerised posture analysis technology to accurately and completely assess a patient’s posture.

Posture Screen uses digital technology to capture your image and then assess any postural disturbances or imbalances.

The green line is called the Vertical Access Line (VAL) – your centre of gravity. The VAL should line up in the middle of the body from the front, and your ankle to ear from the side.


Lower back pain

Did you know that your sitting posture may determine whether or not if you will develop pain?

Proper Posture and Good Health.

Why correct poor posture? Simple, correcting postural issues can alleviate and prevent a number of health disorders.

This includes sore and strained muscles, disc injury, scoliosis, lifting injuries, machines and pains from driving and sitting, sports injuries, lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, shoulder and ankle injuries. Yes they are all related to your posture.

In short, proper posture means your body can work as designed. And when you body works better, you feel better.

Better Posture + A Better Spine = Better Health.

Posture Screen is like looking at your posture (or your kids) with ‘fresh eyes’. You begin to see what a Osteopath sees when we perform orthopaedic assessments.

Most patients are amazed by this simple, but effective tool. Posture Screen can be used on children and teenagers, highlighting important growth issues.

It is very important that all members of your family be checked for postural changes to rule out spinal problems that may pass from generation to generation (genetic and hereditary spinal problems).