A Care Pathway is a clearly defined road to recovery. It sets out clear milestones on your journey to being pain free, gives you a time frame and also an estimated cost of treatment through OSTEOPATHY.

How Does this benefit you?

After the initial assessment you will receive a document outlining your Care Pathway. This will include information such as

  • Diagnosis
  • Length of time to be pain free
  • Estimated number of osteopathy sessions required
  • Goals to meet to achieve full recovery
  • Barriers to full recovery
  • Thing to avoid

This way our patients have a clearly defined road to recovery and are aware of what is needed to get there.

An example of our Care Pathway

Rachel hurt her back 7 days ago lifting shopping out of the boot of her car. She felt a sharp pain in her lower back and was finding it difficult to move around, stand for long periods and drive. Rachel felt a Care pathway was a good idea to outline what needed to be done to recovery from her injury.

Tailored Care Pathway

Rachel came to see Peter our Registered Osteopath who diagnosed her muscles were in a spasm as a result of her back going out of alignment. Rachel also remembered that this had happened last year and maybe the year before. Further assessment from the Osteopath revealed that other muscles in her upper back were in spasm as Rachel spends a lot of time sitting at a desk for work.

Rachel's Care pathway

Diagnosis– low back spinal mis- alignment
Previous Injury– recurring Low back pain
Previous Injury implications– Upper back muscle spasm

Time to be pain free

  • 10 days


  • Restore full movement to touch toes
  • Drive for 20 minutes
  • Standing for 30 minute
  • Walking for 25 minute
  • Lifting shopping out of car

Things to avoid

  • Bending and twisting
  • Sitting for more than 20 minutes
  • Standing over sink for more than 10 minutes
  • Lifting heavy or awkward items

Number of treatments required

3-4 sessions over a period of 17 days to resolve injury, and a further 2+ session to resolve previous injury spread out over 4-5 weeks.

Follow up call

3 weeks after discharge