'Our clinic understands what it is like to live with pain'

Operating to the highest possible standards of care, our clinic’s philosophy is to offer prompt diagnosis, personalised and effective treatment saving patients both money and time.

Word of mouth accounts for 96% of the people who attend our practice.

Our patients include the young, older people, manual workers, office professionals, pregnant women, children and sports people.

Patients seek treatment for a wide variety of conditions and these can be viewed in our "INJURY HUB" Most people consult our clinic for back pain, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain, postural problems caused by driving or sustained seating at work, the pain of arthritis and sports injuries to name but a few!

Osteopathy just doesnt tackle the symptoms, but looks at the root cause. We use the latest techniques and treatments to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery.


  • "Friendly, gentle, effective osteopathy!! I've recommended many people to Mr. Best all have been given VIP treatment!! Everyone has benefited and given glittering reviews about the excellent service and treatment received".
    Mary O Sullivan, November 2015
  • “Peter performs miracles!! He knows his work and continually strives for excellence. I had recurring neck pain that years of other therapies failed to resolve!! Peter formed an effective treatment plan for me and now I am pain free!!"
    Ben Dunne December, 2016.

  • "I am a G.P and I hurt my lower back whilst lifting heavy suitcases. Thanks Peter, you treated me so well, that I recommend all my musculoskeletal patients to you now!!
    Dr. Maggee, August, 2012.